"Please accept my sincere congratulations on your wonderful creation of “40 Years of One Night Stands”. I saw the documentary at the Globe Theatre a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I found the story incredibly compelling and moving. …thank you so much for creating this permanent record of the wonderful history of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. "

Gail Asper, O.C. O.M. LL.D
The Gail Asper Family Foundation Inc.
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"What a success, what a 'tour de force'! What a testimony to your endurance in making the film, and your love of that great little company. Had you not been compelled to tell their story or had you not had the perseverance to stick with your dream, Canada would be the poorer. Our country now  has a decent record of the RWB's history and you've left a permanent legacy for balletomanes and ordinary folk alike. Bravo!! "

Gabrielle Blair
Head of Dance
Unionville High School, Toronto, Ont.
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"Patti, I knew you wanted to do something that would have an impact on the dance community. Well, this has far exceeded that modest goal!! This will have an impact on anyone who loves the arts...and ,even more, on those of us who look back and realize that those pioneers made everything possible today. You have captured an era most dancers today only imagine and sometimes, cannot fathom. You have given us all the great gift of remembrance and tribute to those whose lives were hard yet never complained because of their passion for dance. "

Joysanne Sidimus M.S.M.
Founder, Dancer Transition Resource Centre
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"I do not know what to say other than ... Oh My God!!! Truly sensational. People were so excited and moved. You have a hit on your hands. Congratulations to you and thank you for bringing this history back to life. "

Miriam Adams
Founder/Director Dance Collection Danse
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"We are so proud of you and the amazing film you have brought to reality. This a real gift to everyone in Canada!!! "

Vahan and Suzie Kololian
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"Passion and the enduring human spirit ... a powerful combination. Thank you for the evening and the experience ! "

John and Maria Cumming
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"Congratulations!  My daughter and I attended the "premiere" last night and thoroughly enjoyed your documentary.  Frankly, I was surprised at how captivated Madeleine was considering she is only eleven.  She had recently done some reading about Evelyn Hart who is her "hero" and was thrilled to see her role in the documentary.  She also really appreciated the more humourous aspects. "

Alison Ratchford
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"Congratulations Patti, what a wonderful film filled with the passion, legacy and brilliance of every dancer. Your acknowledgement of the crews, carpenters, wardrobe (a stitch in time) and their ingenuity was a superb credit to the invisible artists. Not only have you fulfilled your personal desire but you have provided our country with an excellent documentation of the Canadian Arts, their struggle and brilliant triumph against all odds. I am so thrilled for you. And funny ha, ha, ha, yessssssssss......I will always have a chuckle when the snow falls and the wind howls for the RWB. "

Pam Bell
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"Patti absolutely stunning work! First class in concept creation execution emotion information quality and vitality - this is a BIG TIME WINNER  - and I am so proud and downright ecstatic for you."

Veronica Tennant C.C.
Veronica Tennant Productions
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"Katie and I enjoyed the flm last night. A wonderful tribute to the RWB, but also a real testament to the arts in Canada. It made us very proud. "

Peter Hermant
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"…just finished watching the program and just had to get on the computer and say big fat THANK YOU  for that wonderful treat.  What a terrific job you've done -  it captured the spirit of the company like no other profile ever has.  It truly touched me to see and listen to all the dancers from Jean and Eva to Sheila to Bonnie and Richard and on, and I can't believe how well you and Bob managed to cut Arnold. Watching it revived the memory of that amazing passion we all felt being a part of the company.  It looked great, the archive was extraordinary and it was pure fun to watch.  "

Betsy Carson
Documentary filmmaker
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"I had to watch this documentary because I'm designing the web site for it so I begged my friend Neal to watch it with me. We both sat down and braced ourselves for a neat-little-pretty ballet experience...boy were we wrong. Patti, we enjoyed your documentary so much we stood up for it against all our dude friends who thought we were lame!"

Geoff Watson and Neal Pedersen
Web Designer and Friend
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